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1930s scarf ascot style brown floral print

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Size: 36” long by 10” wide at each end and 4” wide at the center.
Materials: crepe-backed rayon satin and plain rayon satin
Label: none

This 1930s ascot scarf in brown floral rayon crepe-backed satin has a cute daisies print in horizontal stripes, with accents of yellow, green, ivory and orange. The scarf is backed with light brown satin--which may have faded from its original shade, but if so it is still pretty even in color. This ladies’ ascot scarf has the traditional ascot shape in that it is widest at each end and narrowest in the center, but with straight ends, rather than pointed. This 1930s scarf is in excellent condition, although the backing fabric is somewhat wrinkled from storage; we had no luck steaming out the creases on the shiny satin of the back, although the crepe-backed satin fabric on the front side responded perfectly. 

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