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2 extra long Edwardian hatpins black glass

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Length: brass pins measure 9” and 9.25” long (without tops)
Size: .25” and 1” diameter tops (larger top also measures 1” long)
Label: none

This set of two Edwardian hatpins contains one pin with a simple black glass dome on the top.  The other hatpin is just under an inch longer in length and has a much larger, faceted black glass top. Both appear to have brass pins. As hats became larger and larger in the Edwardian era, hatpins consequently became longer and longer. As described in an article at the American Hatpin Society (http://americanhatpinsociety.com), in “1908: An English judge, fearing that their pins could be used as weapons in his court, ordered a group of suffragettes on trial to remove their hatpins and hats, an insulting request. In 1909 a bill was introduced in the Arkansas legislature which copied an Illinois law limiting the length of pins to 9 inches or making ladies take out permits to possess longer ones. The pins were considered deadly weapons. As a result ladies had to cut their pins to the shorter length if they wanted to wear them in public.” So our smaller pin would have been considered just barely legal, while the longer one would have been considered a potential weapon! Both hatpins are in near excellent condition, with just a bit of tarnishing to the metal pins. Complete your Edwardian (or 1900s style reproduction) hat with an authentic vintage hatpin.

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