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Angel skin coral beads necklace 1960s white 24"

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Size: 24” long
Bead size: just under .5” in diameter
Label: none

This pink and white beads necklace from the early 1960s may look like it is made of glass, but actually these milky white beads with swirls of darker pink are angel skin coral. This particular shade of coral looks rather like it is "blushing" and is quite lovely! The round beads are hand-knotted and fastened with a gold metal flower box clasp, set with another piece of coral. In very good condition, this vintage coral necklace has only two minor issues: minor wear to the surface of the gold-tone metal clasp, and some light fraying to the edges of the hand-knotted cotton string “spacers” between a few of the beads. The necklace appears to be sturdy, and this should not affect its wearabilty at all.

Some information about angel skin coral, from www.gemselect.com: “Most coral gemstones available today are varieties of Corallium rubrum, a very specific pink to red colored species of the coral genus. In the trade, Corallium rubrum is sometimes referred to as 'noble coral' and is considered to be the most desirable type of coral for jewelry. Noble coral also includes the popular 'angel skin coral', a pink to salmon colored coral. Corallium rubrum, along with fossil coral, agatized coral, coral sand and coral fragments are not regulated or protected from international trade, meaning that they can be imported and exported to most countries without permits.”

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