1910s-1920s Clothing

Art Nouveau brooch pin wheat design blue glass

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Size: 2.25” tall by 1.5” wide with a vertical, 2” pin back.

This Art Nouveau style brooch, circa 1900s to 1910s, has a lovely wheat motif and scalloped frame around a clear blue glass oval. The central wheat design is riveted into the glass with tiny metal pins, and the cobalt blue glass is held in the frame with small prongs around the edges of the frame. The brooch has an older-style, tube hinged, C-clasp pin back. The silver-tone metal, stamped “Alpacca” on the frame, is an alloy of nickel, copper, zinc, and tin, also known as “German silver” or “nickel silver”. This feminine, Edwardian or WWI era pin is in very good to excellent condition, with a bit of iridescent oxidizing (?) visible on the frame.

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