Blue lilac lavender feather trim hat 1960s pillbox

1960s Clothing




Crown height: 1.75” tall to top of structured base / 3.5” to top of curled feathers trim
Diameter of crown: 6.5” front to back / 6” from side to side
Label: Julie Inc. Fisher Building-Detroit

This blue, lavender, and lilac feather-trimmed 1960s pillbox hat has a small, round base, completely covered in lilac “flat” feathers, and a fabulous festoon of curly ostrich feathers in all 3 colors, sprouting from the top of the crown. This mini-pillbox style hat was originally designed to sit back on the head, but can also be worn tilted more forward—we have shown it both ways in our photos. Either way, it will need to be secured with hatpin or 2, as well as the 2 tortoise-shell-colored plastic combs, attached inside the crown. The hat is lined with iridescent mocha acetate taffeta. It does have a few flat feathers, which are just a bit more yellowed than the others, where the glue used to attach them to the crown has slightly discolored. This is less evident than on most vintage feather hats, and unlikely to be noticed when the hat is worn. This fun, feathered 1960s pillbox hat is in very good to excellent condition, with no other issues to note.