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Ceramic Toshikane Japan 1950s earrings Raijin

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Size: 1.25” diameter
Label: Toshikane, Japan

These amazing, hand-painted porcelain Toshikane, circa 1950s earrings feature the fearsome Raijin, the Japanese god of storms! Toshikane was a jewelry maker located in Arita, Japan. They produced porcelain buttons, jewelry, and other ceramic items. These large button-style, clip-on earrings are very detailed, with the jade green god Raijin in low relief against a black background, and delicately painted, metallic gold accents. The ceramic center of each earring is set in a ring of silver metal with a solid metal back, and clips made of a different metal (more brassy than the bright silver setting). These fabulous, mid-century vintage earrings are in very good condition, their only issue some tarnishing to the clip backs from normal wear.

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