1930s - 1940s Clothing

Chocolate brown velvet cloche hat 1930 flapper style

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Crown height: 6” tall/deep
Inner circumference: 22” around, at edge of lining fabric
Label: none

This chocolate brown rayon velvet hat dates from about 1930, at the tail end of the popularity of the cloche hats of the 1920s. The soft velvet fabric has been folded and stitched to form a flat “brim” on the right side and on the back, and gathered on the left side, with a left-of-center front “knot”. The asymmetrical “brim” comes to a small point on the left side. The crown is rounded, with a slight peak created by the gathered fabric, at the very top—very elfin! The hat is lined with brown taffeta, and was probably home-sewn. This very early 1930s hat is in very good condition, with some minor “scuffs” to the surface of the velvet from normal wear, and one small worn spot on the left-side brim (see photo). Not bad for 90s years old!

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