Deco 1930s Galalith laminated clamper bracelet

1930s - 1940s Clothing

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This deco 1930s Galalith or “French Bakelite” clamper bracelet combines 3 laminated layers: 2 of dark burgundy (almost brown but with a hint of red) and a center layer of translucent gold in between them. The hexagonal clamper bangle opens in front and has a metal hinge inserted at the center back (you can see part of the metal hardware through the translucent gold layer, like a shadow—not a flaw). The bracelet’s clean, simple lines are very typical of “Machine Age” European costume jewelry. The bracelet is quite heavy for its size, similar to vintage Bakelite bangles, but it does have the Galalith “sour milk” smell when tested with hot water. The center front of the clamper does not quite line up perfectly, although it is very close. The metal hinge is still very springy and tight—totally functional. The shiny surface of this 30s Galalith bracelet has some light scuffs from normal wear. It is in very good condition, with no other issues to note.

Size: 3.25” wide by 2.5’ tall
Inner circumference: 6.25” (fits my 6” wrist well, with just a bit of room to spare)
Label: none