Floral black velvet 1960s pillbox hat polka dots veil

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Crown height: 1.5”
Crown width/diameter: 6.5” from front to back and 6” from side to side
Label: none

This flat-crowned mini pillbox 1950s hat with veil combines black rayon velvet accents with a brown, gold and ivory floral print velvet—which is also used to create the amazing “polka dots” attached to the chin length veil. The 3 large “dots” almost look like 18th century beauty marks, when the hat is worn—very unusual! The flat crown of the hat has 2 more of these dots attached to the black velvet “wings” on the front. A wide, flat, black velvet bow trims the back of the crown. There is a cutout opening at the center of the crown. The velvet fabric covers a base of natural straw, and it has 2 small combs underneath, to help the hat stay in place when worn. This tiny pillbox was designed to sit right on top of the head, but it may also be worn tilted forward, if you prefer. Based on the combination of straw with velvet, and the visible stitching on its underside, the hat was probably re-purposed or re-trimmed by its original owner—but it was nicely done. This unique late 1950s hat is in excellent condition.