Fringed 1920s beaded bag celluloid frame birds roses

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Size: 6.75” long without fringe (9” long with fringe) by 5.75” wide at frame
Chain length: 13”
Label: none

This sweet bluebirds and roses design, fringed beaded bag dates to the 1920s, or possibly early 1930s. The center birds and roses motif in blue, red, and green glass beading on a white beaded background is framed by a black and white striped “frame” on each side, along with the fringe across the bottom edge of the bag. This beadwork has a somewhat Native American feel to its design, and since the bag is actually lined in soft buckskin, it might possibly have been made in an indigenous community, although not necessarily. (The bag came to us from the same owner as a pair of 1920s-30 Plains or Plateau style beaded buckskin gauntlet gloves, so perhaps she was a collector.) The beaded section of the bag hangs from a pearly yellow and amber celluloid frame trimmed with a row of individual white glass beads. The frame has 4 hinges that form a diamond-shape when the bag is opened. The bag’s chain is made of amber-colored celluloid links. The hinged clasp has an amber celluloid ball at its tip. This lovely beaded 1920s evening bag is in very good condition, with some dinginess to the leather lining from normal use. Both the frame and chain have perhaps yellowed more with age, but are undamaged, with no cracks. The beadwork is sturdy and entirely intact.