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Fuzzy wool felt 1950s red hat pagoda style elfin

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Crown diameter: 8.5” from side to side and 9” from front to back
Crown height: flat sides of crown are 1.5” tall, with center peak adding several inches
Inner circumference: velvet shell measures 20” around at floral ribbon band
Label: Lemington, Marshall Field & Co. Debutante Room

This fuzzy-textured bright red fur felt 1950s hat is sometimes described as a “pagoda” style, featuring a round crown with a pointed or peaked center top. In this case, the outer, fuzzy crown of the hat perches on top of a curved red velvet shell, which hugs the head, underneath. Two small pearls trim the back of the hat. The crown is lined with gold metallic lurex fabric, and labeled “Lemington”. (Lemington Inc. was a Chicago-based women’s hat manufacturer, run by the Budwig family.) With its elfin charm, this early-to-mid 1950s hat feels youthful and fun! It could be worn tilted forward, as well as straight on top of the head, as shown. It is in excellent condition.

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