Gauntlet-style long black cotton gloves 1940s | 6.5-7

1930s - 1940s Clothing

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Size: labeled a size 7, but with finger length more like a size 6.5
(I am a glove size 7, and they fit true-to-size in width at the palm, but the fingers are just a tiny bit short. My middle finger is 3” long, for reference.)
Length from middle fingertip to hem: 13.25”
Width across palm: 3.25” flat
Width at hem/forearm: 6” flat
Label: Hansen Gloves

These “gauntlet” style gloves from the late 1940s or early 1950s are made of non-stretchy black cotton. The gloves are much wider at the hems than at the wrists, creating the “gauntlet” shape. They reach up to about the middle of the forearm, when worn. The fingers have fourchettes, or small panels sewn in between the front and back of each finger, making them extra comfortable to wear, although a bit bulkier than gloves without this feature. The back of each hand has 3 “points”, or rows of decorative stitching. In very good to excellent condition, these long black cotton gloves have been worn, but well cared for, with no specific issues to note.