Gold metallic lace Art Deco 1920s shawl evening wrap

1910s-1920s Clothing



A lovely antique textile, this gold metallic lace 1920s evening shawl or wrap has unusual designs woven into it. The motif in the lace seems influenced by ancient Egyptian art, mixing Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements into a gorgeous pattern. The lightweight lace is probably made of silk, but the high level metallic fibers in the weave give it a heavier and stiffer feel than silk alone would have. The long rectangular shape can be worn draped a number of different ways, as shown. Each end of the shawl is finished with a band of gold metallic floral lace. This floral lace has tarnished more than the body of the shawl, giving it a greenish-gold color. The body of the shawl has a few places where you can faintly see a narrow horizontal line of tarnish in the metallic fibers, perhaps a fold line from storage. This is quite hard to notice when the shawl is draped on a body (or mannequin), but I have photographed the 2 lines/areas flat, with a white sheet of paper underneath, and lightened the photos to make it as visible as possible. One tarnished area is near one of the lace-trimmed ends, and the other is just off center (see close-up photos). This 100-year-old shawl has no other issues to note, which is remarkable for its age! In very good condition, this authentic 1920s gold lace shawl will look beautiful draped over your favorite vintage or modern evening outfit.

Size: 80” long by 21.5” wide
Label: none