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Mr John Jr mod 1960s hat royal blue wool wide brim

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Crown height: 5.5”
Brim width: 2.5”
Inner circumference: 21.5” (6.5” diameter)
Label: Mr. John Jr.

This wide-brimmed, mod 1960s hat by Mr. John Jr. is made of royal blue wool and mohair blend felt fabric, to keep you warm and cozy, as well as chic! The fabric, although heavy enough to be warm, is soft and flexible, allowing you to shape the brim any way you like—although it looks great as it came to us, asymmetrically turned up on one side. Large, gold metal (square!) grommets anchor a dramatic side tie/tassel. The brim is decorated with concentric rings of topstitching, and the rounded crown has a curved seam. It is lined with black taffeta fabric. This stylish-yet-practical 1960s hat is in excellent condition.

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