1910s-1920s Clothing

Multicolor crochet beaded 1920s evening bag

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Size: 4.5” long (without tassel) by 4” wide (laid flat)
Label: none

This dainty and darling multi-colored glass crochet beaded purse probably dates from the 1920s or early 1930s. It was most likely homemade, which makes it more difficult to date, but the style of the bag and of the crochet lace around the top edges seems consistent with that time range. It is unlined and is missing its drawstring/straps; we have threaded a ribbon through the drawstring loops to better show them. The bag has loops of beading forming a tassel at its base. It is in excellent condition, with its only issue the missing drawstring, which could easily be replaced with a modern equivalent. This cute little beaded purse would also be nice for a child, since it is so petite.  

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