Navy blue 1950s hat with veil bicorn lightweight

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Crown: 6.5” from front to back / 12” (curved over head) from side to side
Label: none

This navy blue 1950s hat in a “bicorn” style has a jaunty style reminiscent of Napoleonic-era military hats of the same shape—but not nearly so pretty! The lightweight, semi-sheer nylon “horsehair” curves over the top of the head, with the outermost section of the crown folded up and pinched together at the corners on each end, creating the 2 “horns” of the bicorn shape. Navy velvet decorative buttons trim the upturned front crown on each side. The eye-length veil is very fine and lightweight--so dainty and feminine! This early 1950s hat is in excellent condition, and the flexible nylon crown should bend and curve easily, to fit most head sizes.