Navy blue straw velvet 1950s hat wired circle trim

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Crown height: approx. 2” (rests on top of head when worn, as shown)
Brim width: 1” turned up
Crown diameter: 7.25” front to back / 6.5” side to side
Inner circumference of crown: 20”
Label: The French Room, Marshall Field & Company

This navy blue velvet and straw 1950s hat has a cute, upturned velvet brim, all around its round crown, rather like a mini sailor-style hat. A fabulous, velvet-covered wire loop bends over the top of the crown and suspends a circle of matching straw jauntily above the forehead. (The angle and direction of the wire is somewhat flexible—adjust to your preferred shape.) The brim is covered with rayon velvet, while the indented, round crown and circular trim are a blend of raffia “straw” and fabric, woven together--with a straw-like texture and weight, but a bit softer feel. A stiff mesh lining adds some body to the soft crown. In very good condition, the rayon velvet has faded just a bit, from true navy blue, to navy with a hint of purple—the color difference is pretty subtle, and unlikely to be noticed when this 1950s straw hat is worn.