Pierrot carved Bakelite bangle deco 1930s harlequin

1930s - 1940s Clothing



This 1930s carved and over-dyed Bakelite bangle features a “Pierrot”, the traditional figure of the harlequin or sad clown from the Italian commedia dell’arte. This particular Pierrot looks quite cheerful though, surrounded by sparkling stars (clear rhinestones) set into the Bakelite bangle’s surface. The hand carving of the figure is delicate and nicely done. The warm golden yellow of the bangle has been over-dyed with burgundy-brown on the clown’s cap, collar, and polka dot outfit, as well as along each outer edge and the inner surface of the slice bangle. The un-carved portion of the bangle also looks to be dyed a slightly darker, more orange shade than the underlying gold color, as seen in the Pierrot’s face and costume. In very good condition, this circa 1930s deco Bakelite bangle has some light scratches to its surface and some minor wear to the dyed sections--both consistent with normal use. There is one more visible scratch on the over-dyed burgundy edge, as seen in my close-up photo. Also, one of the carved stars set with rhinestones has some small marks around it (see close-up photo). The bangle tests positive for Bakelite with Simichrome It was tested on the un-dyed surface of the Pierrot’s costume, so as not to damage the over-dyed areas.

Should fit best for a small to medium hand size (fits fine over my glove size 7 hand).

  • Between .75 and .875” wide
  • .25” thick
  • 2.5” diameter opening

Label: none