Pink fringed shawl 1950s wrap stole crochet acrylic

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Size: fits most
Width: 52” from side to side (or end to end), without including fringe
Length: 26” from top to hem, at center back
Length at front ends: 24” from top to hem
Fringe length: 4”
Label: none

This soft pink, fringed shawl or wrap from the 1950s is made of crochet knit acrylic yarn. Triangular in shape, the shawl has a “sheer” section crocheted into its back half, above the center-pointed hem. The rest of the shawl is a chunkier knit, although relatively lightweight, due to it being acrylic, not wool. The knotted fringe, with large tassels, trims the two pointed front edges of the hem. Its lighter weight and chunkier knit give this pink 1950s stole, shawl, or evening wrap a more casual feel: pair it with everything from shorts to a cocktail dress, for a chic extra layer! It is in excellent condition, appearing unworn.