"Waltzing Matilda" Australian souvenir silk scarf 1950s

1950s Clothing

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This large square 1950s souvenir scarf in lovely crepe-textured silk features images and lyrics from “Waltzing Matilda”, the song also known as the “unofficial Australian national anthem”. Red-orange and grey images of Australian plants take up each corner section of the scarf, inside the outermost blue and white border. Next, a black and white border has lyrics form the song, surrounding sketch-style drawings in black and white on bright aqua, illustrating the story of the “jolly swagman”—and his ghost! A blue center square features the 5 stars from the Australian flag that represent the Southern Cross constellation. This gorgeous, extra-large 1950s silk scarf has hand-rolled edges, and it is in excellent condition. It can be tied any number of ways, as seen in my photos.

Size: 34” by 34”
Label: none