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About Condition Terms

Our Condition Terms and What They Mean

Viva Vintage Clothing sells only authentic vintage clothing and accessories. We are very particular about choosing vintage that is in great, wearable condition. However, except in a few rare cases (items labeled as "deadstock" for example, have never been worn), these items have been previously worn and are sold as is.

We carefully examine our vintage clothing and disclose any noted flaws, including close-up photos of these flaws, where possible. Any flaws or issues with the garments will be considered in determining the overall condition rating of our items, such as mint, excellent, very good, etc. More detail about these descriptive terms is listed below.

We make every effort to notice even the smallest issue with our vintage stock. However, we are human and it is still possible for us to miss a minor problem, like a loose stitch or two or a very tiny spot.

Please contact us if you feel any flaw significantly affecting the item's condition has been missed, and we will be happy to do what is necessary to resolve any concerns you may have.

The terms below are general ones, intended to give an overall impression of the condition of our vintage items. For example, an item may be in overall "excellent" condition with one very minor flaw. This will lead it to be described as in "very good to excellent" or just "very good" condition. We tend to over- rather than under-state the significance of any flaws present, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises for our customers!


Any item described as being in mint condition will be essentially flawless, appearing to be unworn. Items described as "Deadstock" or "NOS" are items that have never been worn, usually with their original tags still attached. Mint condition items are very rare in the world of vintage clothing!


Items in excellent condition will have been worn, but have no noticeable flaws due to past wearing or cleaning. They may have only been worn once or twice and have been carefully preserved, in great condition.


Most of our vintage items will fall into the category of "excellent" or "very good." Items in very good condition have been worn, and may have 1 or 2 minor flaws which do not significantly detract from their wearability, or which may be easily repaired. For example, a 1950s wool dress may be in great overall condition, but have 1 or 2 pin-sized holes or a tiny spot, nearly impossible to see when the dress is worn.


Most of our vintage items will fall into one of the categories above, but sometimes a piece is too fabulous to resist, even though it has some problems. Items described by us as being in "good" condition are items that are still completely wearable, but have more noticeable flaws. For example, a 1950s wool dress may have several small but visible holes and a small amount of beaded trim missing.


We strive to present our customers with only those vintage items which are wearable in our (rather particular!) opinion--items which will cause your friends (and total strangers) to ask "Where did you get that amazing coat?" not "Did you know your coat has a spot on it?" We don't generally carry any items in less than good condition. That said, it is possible that we may find an item so unique or antique that we think you will want to see and buy it, and possibly use it for study, even though it is in less pristine condition than our usual stock. One of these terms would then apply and significant flaws would, of course, be described.