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Charles Reis 12K gold-filled 1940s brooch earrings set

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This 1940s gold-filled brooch and earrings set by Charles Reis is a lovely shade of rose gold, with tiny crystal stones in red, blue, green, clear, and smoky grey. The design of the set is very 1940s: a romantic, circular motif/wreath with a spray of flowers on dainty tendrils, and curving ribbons. Charles Reis Company was located in Indianapolis IN, and made fine costume and sterling silver jewelry from 1919 until 1971. The brooch and screwback earrings are both stamped 1/20 12K and with the maker’s logo “CRCo”. I believe, based on the weight and feel of the set, that the metal underneath the gold vermeil finish is sterling silver, but since it has not been tested, I have priced it as costume jewelry. Lucky you, if so! In very good condition, the set has some tiny dots of tarnish on the gold vermeil finish, and some light scuffs to the finish from normal use or storage, but no other flaws to note.

Brooch: 1.75” tall by 2.5” wide
Earrings: 1.25” tall by .75” wide
Label: Charles Reis Co.