Pair deeply carved Bakelite bangles yellow gold 1930s-40s

1930s - 1940s Clothing

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This circa 1940s pair of golden yellow Bakelite bangles are both carved: the brighter yellow one has a design of petals or leaves, and the darker one is deeply carved with a pattern of double roses. The rose-carved bangle’s outer surface is a more muted shade of gold than its brighter yellow, inner surface (see photos). The petal-carved bangle has a more orangey tone to its yellow shade—similar to the color of an unripe orange. Both of these true vintage Bakelite bangles are in very good condition, with minor surface scuffs from normal wear. They are the exact same width and thickness, and make a nice pair!

Size: Each bracelet is 1/3” wide, ¼” thick, with a 2.5” inner diameter.
Label: none