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Wyvern dragon tie 1940s swing era wide necktie

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Size: 49” long. 4” wide at widest point (1.5” wide at middle).
Label: Marshall Field & Company Chicago

This late 1940s extra wide tie combines peach diagonal stripes with a wider, grey and peach stripe that includes a wyvern, or two-legged dragon-like creature, against the pine green background. Like many 1940s and earlier ties, this particular tie is rather short, since they were often worn with double-breasted or 3-piece suits, complete with vests or waistcoats. Although the fabric content is unlabeled, the tie appears to be made of twill-weave rayon. This authentic 1940s, swing-era necktie is in very good condition, with some very slight fading to the fabric, unlikely to be noticed when it is worn. 

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