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Carved black Bakelite links stretch bracelet 1930s-40s

1930s - 1940s Clothing

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Faceted and intricately carved oval links of black Bakelite alternate on this c.1930s-1940s stretch bracelet. The true black Bakelite links test a faint positive with hot water/scent and definitely positive with baking soda, but not with Simichrome--as is typical with black Bakelite items. The faceted black oval links look a bit like vintage jet jewelry, and the more-intricately carved links remind me of pineapple! In very good condition, the stretch bracelet’s black elastic cords have become over-stretched, but could be replaced if you’d like a tighter fit. (For a larger-sized wrist, the elastic may be fine as it is). This 1930s-40s Bakelite link bracelet has no other flaws to note.

Each link: .75” by .5”
Bracelet size: 7.25” flat, stretching up to 9” maximum.
It is currently too loose and slides around on my 6” wrist, for comparison. Will be a better fit for larger size, or you could replace the elastic.
Label: none