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Floral carved cherry amber Bakelite bangles 1940s

1930s - 1940s Clothing

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This pair of 1940s cherry amber carved Bakelite bangles includes a chunky, back-carved bangle with a narrower, leaf- and flower-carved bangle. The larger bangle is carved on its inner surface with a lily-of-the-valley and leaves design, most visible when held up to the light. (Its outer surface is smooth.) The narrow bangle has a small-scale, carved design of leaves and flower petals on its outer surface. The wide bangle has a few scuffs from normal wear on its shiny outer surface. The narrow bangle shows a bit more wear to its surface, which makes it appear less translucent than its big sister. In very condition, this true vintage 1940s carved Bakelite bracelet pair in warm red “cherry amber” has no other flaws to note.

Larger bangle: 1” wide, ¼” thick
Smaller bangle: 1/3” wide, ¼” thick
Diameter of both bangles’ openings: 2.5”
Label: none