Natural light brown mink fur scarf collar 1950s-60s

1950s Clothing

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This 1950s or 1960s natural mink fur scarf or collar ranges in color from pale tan to medium brown at the center stripe of the pelt. This versatile accessory has several fastener options, to wear in different ways. The scarf or collar has 2 flat loops made of wide, tan velvet ribbon, to allow either end to be slipped through and crossed, as shown. Knit-covered clips on each end will allow the fur to be laid flat and clipped to a jacket or coat collar, or to wrap it around your neck and clip to itself. The 2 hooks and eyes at the ends will also allow you to fasten the collar ends in front, to drape over your shoulders. The fur is fully backed with the same velvet ribbon used to create the slip-loops. The fur is lightest at each end; this is not fading, but natural color variation. It is in excellent condition.

Size: 34” long by 4” wide
Label: none