Tall black feathers cocktail hat fascinator 80s 1940s style

1980s clothing

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Crown height: 2”
Crown diameter: 7” front to back / 6.25” side to side (slightly oval shape)
Feathers trim: each side of L-shaped spray is approx. 6” long
Label: Betmar, made in USA

This avant-garde 1980s cocktail hat features a dramatic, double spray of tall black feather quills, emerging from the black sequins trim at the center of its rounded, camel wool felt crown. More shiny black sequins encircle the lower edge of the round crown, in a scalloped pattern. A black nylon tulle, eye-length veil adds to the “femme fatale” air of glamorous mystery! The hat is unlined, except for a black grosgrain inner band, with a narrow black elastic cord attached underneath it. This fabulous fascinator or over-the-top cocktail hat is in very good condition, with a few bent feather quills, but no other issues to note. It is 1980s-does-1940s style, at its very best!