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Deco 1930s black Bakelite bangle chrome inlay stripe

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A narrow stripe of chrome metal is inlaid into the surface of this deco 1930s black Bakelite bangle. The true black Bakelite bracelet tests positive with hot water/scent and with baking soda, but not with Simichrome--as is typical with black Bakelite items. In good condition, the bangle shows some pitting and tarnish to one side of the chrome inlay, which I have not been able to remove. (I’m not sure if chrome polish will work or not, since I don’t have any, but might be worth a try!) This deco 1930s Bakelite bracelet has no other flaws to note.

Bangle width: .5”
Bangle thickness: 1/8”
Diameter of bangle opening: 2.5”
Label: none