"Bamboo" Bakelite bangle 1940s gold brown swirl

1930s - 1940s Clothing

1940s Bakelite bangle octagonal gold brown swirl bamboo shape,1940s true vintage Bakelite bangle gold brown end-of-day swirl,octagon Bakelite bangle 1940s carved gold brown swirl
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This octagonal 1940s Bakelite bangle swirls gold and brown shades, carved into a shape reminiscent of bamboo bracelets. Pair with your favorite tiki attire for a tropical vibe! In excellent condition, this true vintage Bakelite bracelet has no flaws to note.

Bangle width: 2/3” at widest, 1/3” at narrowest
Bangle thickness: 1/3”
Diameter of bangle opening: 2.5”
Label: none