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Navy blue velvet headband hat 1950s beaded trim

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This small 1950s headband hat mixes navy blue rayon velvet with burgundy acetate satin, trimmed with a cockade of navy satin ribbons and glass beading on its left side. The plastic headband structure underneath the velvet and satin fabric is fairly flexible, and is just a bit too large on my XS mannequin’s head. It should not feel too “pinchy” when worn, on approximately a modern size XS to M head. The 2 fabrics are layered on the top of the headband, with the navy velvet most visible, and the satin peeking out from underneath. On the underside of the headband, there is some visible/amateurish stitching—perhaps the headband was home sewn, to match a specific outfit? This stitching, not seen when worn, is the only issue to note other than some minor fading/color change to the satin from age, which gives it a slight ombré effect—not unpleasing, but not original to the design. This navy velvet 1950s headband hat is an easy-to-wear style that will look equally great with cocktail dresses or more causal attire!

Headband length end-to-end: 11” on underside
Headband width: 2.5”
Label: none