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Red cherries 1950s hat lattice headband

1950s Clothing




Shiny red cherries trim this lattice-style 1950s headband hat on both sides. The cherry trim is very lightweight, in a variety of shades from dark burgundy, to bright true red, to variegated red and yellow-green. The cherry stems are wired onto the flexible fabric-covered wire headband frame. The textured red fabric on the headband is probably rayon or acetate, or a blend of both. This darling 1950s cherries hat is in very good condition: the shiny surface of a few of the cherries shows some cloudiness from age, but there are no other issues to note.

  • Headband length: 12 inches long from end to end
  • Headband width: 4 inches wide at the center, 2 inches at ends
  • Cherries: each 1 by ¾ inch ovals
  • Label: none